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My Goals

2018: Participate in the Junior European Championships and World Championships with the Swiss Junior National Team.

On May 13th I was selected as a member of the Swiss Junior National Team A. I will participate in the Junior European Championships in Finland and in the Junior World Chmapionships in Hungary in the summer 2018. Another goal reached!

2017: Participate in the Mediterranean Synchronised Swimming Cup (COMEN Cup) with the Swiss National Youthe Team. This is the unofficial World Championship for National Youth Teams.

I reached this goal and not only that. My team and I won three bronze medals! With 73.36 points I achieved the best result of the Swiss Team in the figures competition. Thus we were the most successful Swiss Team in the history of the COMEN Cup.  

In the long term I would like to participate in the Olympic Games.

My Successes

2018 - With the the Limmat-Nixen Zürich
  • Swiss Youth Championships


1st Team Tech (J1)
1st Team Free (J1)
1st Combo (J1)
4th Solo Tech (J1)
7th Solo Free (J1)


  • International Swiss Youth Competition

      • 1st Team Free (J1)
        1st Team Tech (J1)
        1st Combo (J1)
        6th Solo Tech (J1)
        10th Solo Free (J1 
    • Swiss Championships

1st Team Tech (All Categories)
1st Team Free (All Categories)
1st Combo (All Categories)
4th  Solo Tech (J1)
9th Solo Free (All Categories)



  • Regional Championships ROS, RSI, RZO

    • 1st Team Tech (Elite)
      1st Team Free (Elite)
      Combo (Elite)
      3rd Solo Tech (Elite)
      4th Solo Free (Elite)
  • Orka Cup, Hungary
  • 1st Team Tech (Elite)
    1st Team Free (Elite) 
  • Regional figure competitions Region ROS, RSI, RZO, RZW


1st Figures J1




2017 - With the Swiss National Youth Team
  • Mediterranean Synchronised Swimming Cup 2017

3rd Team (COMEN)
3rd Combo (COMEN)
26th Figures (best result of the Swiss Team)

  • Austrian Youth Open

1st Team J2
1st Combo J2

2017 - With the Limmat-Nixen Zürich
  • Swiss Open (Figures & Free J1)

1st Team (F&F)
2nd Solo (F&F)
3rd Figures (F&F)

  • Schweizer Youth Championship

1st Team J2
3rd  Solo J2
7th Figures J2

  • Swiss Youth Competition

1st Team J2
9th Solo J2
5th Figures J2

  • Swiss Championship (Figures & Free J1)

1st Team (F&F)
7th Solo (F&F)
14th Figures (F&F)

  • Regional Championship RZO

1st Team Juniors
3rd Solo Juniors
3rd Figureses Juniors

  • Swiss Youth Championship Quali

5th Figures  J2

  • Basler Pflichtcup

4th Figures J2

  • Zürisee-Cup

1. Rang Team Junioren
1. Rang Duett Junioren

  • Schweizer Jugendmeisterschaften

1. Rang Team J2
8. Rang Duett J2
12. Rang Pflicht J2

  • Swiss Youth Competition

10. Rang Duett J2
15. Rang Pflicht J2

  • Elite Schweizermeisterschaften und Figures & Free J1

3. Rang Team (F&F)
14. Rang Duett (F&F)
42. Rang Pflicht (F&F)

  • Regionalmeisterschaften

1. Rang Team Junioren
3. Rang Duett Junioren
7. Rang Pflicht Junioren

My KiKa Interview (German)

I have found my passion

My athletic journey started at the age of 3. Fascinated by movement to music I attended kids’ gymnastic as I couldn’t wait to embark on classic ballet at the age of 4. However, I only dared to go in a pool or the sea with swimming wings and a safety ring! I quickly lost my fear of water when I was 5 years old and started swimming courses. And not only that, I loved it to dive and be under water! A few years later I discovered the perfect combination of dance, swimming and diving. In synchronised or artistic swimming as it is called now, I have found my passion.

In 2012 my parents moved to Brussels, Belgium. I had just been practicing synchronised swimming for a year when I joined BRASS, the Brussels Aquatic Synchro Swimming Club. After a summer camp with Virginie Dedieu in France, I returned to my home pool and went on to win all regional and national titles of my age group. When we returned to Switzerland in 2014, I joined the Limmat Nixen Zürich.

The following year I passed the selection for the Swiss national youth squad and in 2016/17 I joined the national youth team. Thanks to my enrolment in a sports school I can attend about 25 hours of regular training every week.  My biggest dream is to participate in the Olympic Games. I know there is still a long and hard way ahead of me, but look at how far I have come since the swimming wings and the safety ring! I am totally motivated to continue working hard to achieve my goals.

Les petits poissons dans l’eau nagent aussi bien que les gros

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